Roubingo™ is a revolutionary new bingo game that has the feel and excitement of Las Vegas-style roulette, but that does so while meeting the requirements of Class 2 gaming.

Imagine being able to bring casino-like table games excitement to your floor while maintaining the Class 2 integrity of the underlying games of bingo. Imagine competing with Class 3 casinos . . . even in a jurisdiction where table games are otherwise prohibited. Imagine being able, even in compacted jurisdictions, to offer the excitement and simulate the play of the world’s most popular table game, roulette, without having to pay the state its Class 3 share.

With Roubingo, you do not just have to just imagine any more

RouBingo’s equipment package comes ready to install with the table, felts, bingo ball blower, bingo cards, and caller training.

RouBingo is an exciting advancement in Class 2 gaming that enhances the play of traditional bingo by adding the flair, excitement, and intimacy of a table game.

RouBingo can legally be installed and played in any traditional or Class 2 bingo facility.

RouBingo attracts new players to your floor who would not otherwise come to play electronic bingo. Once there, those players generate a new, unrealized revenue stream for the operator.